Bands & Projects
SALT my personal singer-songwriter extravaganza

malte weberruss - voc & guit
simon bauer - doublebass
hannes dullinger - drums
the panic
house band for the tolk & kirjakova design studio. everytime something else, so what should i say?

malte weberruss - voc & guit
whoever is ready - drums, bass & else

serious studio
my own sound lab & recording place space. over the last years i´ve been lucky to work with some great artists as a producer, arranger & recording engineer.

bruno franceschini
Bruno Franceschini
italian singer bruno franceschini turns the flavors of his hometown rome and berlin tristesse into music.
salonpop maybe ?

bruno franceschini - voc   malte weberruss - guit
falk effenberger - keys    simon bauer - bass
philipp schmitt - drums
berlin jazz funeral
Berlin Jazz Funeral
between free improvisation, groove and modern jazz.

malte weberruss - guit   martin gerwig - trumpet
eren solak - keys         simon bauer - doublebass
hendrik tepe - drums